Shuswap Bird of Prey began in 2012 and is built on a foundation deeply embedded in animal conservation, rehabilitation and a fascination of animals in general, especially the raptor family. We are a team of biologists and falconers with extensive backgrounds in animal care and wildlife preservation. 

Our wildlife management program focuses on falconry techniques to diminish pest bird populations or rid an area of bird species that are causing problems. This is achieved by working with trained raptors which are free flown to scare off and intimidate problem birds. Our services provide bird control for a variety of situations with pest bird problems, a few examples being vineyards, orchards, landfills and airports. Our bird control program is effective because the nuisance birds are hard wired to fear raptors and never habituate to their presence. Falconry is an ancient art which provides an eco-friendly, humane and natural method of wildlife management.